6 Ways To Implement Single Tasking Into Your Life

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So much to do, so little time. It makes us perform ten tasks at the same time, while expecting to perform excellent on all of them.

Not only does it affect our work life, it also has a major effect on our personal lives.

Sitting on the couch in the evening, television on, laptop on your lap, phone in your hand, we barely focus completely on one thing anymore. This also reduces our ability to truly rest and relax.

It’s hard to dedicate your mind to one activity, when we are used to delegate that focus on different activities at the same time.

Here are some ways to implement more single tasking into your life, and get rid of the idea that we achieve more by multi-tasking.

1. Conscious Eating

Eat your food without distraction. Don’t watch Youtube, don’t turn on the tv, don’t scroll on social media on your phone.

Try to completely focus on what you’re eating.

These days we feel the need to do something whenever we eat a meal. Create a moment to completely focus on the food you put into your body and the taste of it.

When was the last time you tasted your food?

2. Dedicated Listening

Put on some music and listen to it. Genuinely listen to the lyrics, the music, the message.

Choose an audiobook and focus fully on the story, instead of using it as a multitasking device.

Listen actively to other people, without trying to squish in another activity to do in the meantime. Focus on the person talking.

3. Attentive Watching

I’m most guilty to this one. Watching tv while having a laptop on my lap, scrolling through my phone.

When watching a movie or tv show I rarely put my full attention to what’s happening on the screen, but I’m always doing something else in the meantime.

Try to watch a movie from beginning to end without scrolling on your phone or being on your laptop. Put every other device away and concentrate on the movie or show.

4. Observe

Whenever we are on our way somewhere, we need to distract ourselves. Commuters are on their phone, reading a book, listening to music.

Take a moment to observe your surroundings. Put your phone away and pull out those earphones. Look around you and see the trees, sky, people.

Hear what’s going on around you. Most of the sounds around us get blocked by earphones blasting music. Give your ears a break.

When taking a walk outside, do the same. Go for a hike and enjoy nature.

5. One Task At A Time

Choose one task and focus on that task.

Make a list with all the tasks you want to do and work through that list one by one.

Something pops into your mind that’s unrelated to your current task? Write it down and then forget about it.

Close the browser tabs and programs you dont need for the set task. Limit distractions.

6. Meditate

The focus of meditation is to empty our mind and have a moment where you don’t think about anything.

Being able to silence our busy and overstimulated minds helps in being more selective in what we allow ourselves to think about, focusing completely on a single task and the ability to quiet the distractions.


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