5 Self-Improving Ways To Spend Your Hour Before Bed

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After a long day of work often the motivation and energy to work on yourself is gone.

Instead of making the most of the rest of the day at home, it’s easy to use that time doing nothing that’s adding to our personal life. Just to go to bed at night and start everything over again the next day.

Why not take that time to improve yourself and create a state of mind that helps you to reach the life you want.

Here are some self-improving things to do before you go to bed.

1. Write In Your Journal

Pick up a pen and paper and empty your mind. Write down your thoughts, worries, ideas, anything that’s on your mind.

“Journalling is a moment for yourself.”

Once you’ve emptied your mind, you’ll notice that you feel a lot better. Journalling is a way of releasing stress and taking a moment for yourself.

Here are some journals that you’ll enjoy writing in:

Celestial Journal by Peter Pauper Press

Yellow Flowers Journal by Peter Pauper Press

Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover Notebook (Black)

2. Meditate

Especially when you think too much and find it hard to put your thoughts on hold, meditating is a great way to train your mind into handling these thoughts better.

It takes some time, but after a while you’ll notice the effect of it in your everyday life. Just a short 10-15 minute meditation is already effective.

Essential oils is also a great way to create a calm atmosphere. I’ve been using a diffuser for a while now, and it’s surprising how relaxed the scents make me feel.

Before I go to bed I turn on my diffuser. I mostly use lavender and lemongrass, but there are plenty of scents to try out. Here are some of my favorites.

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

Lagunamoon Essential Oils

3. Goal Plan

What are the things you want to do in life? How long have you had these dreams and have you come any closer to them in the past year(s)?

Work is often the excuse not to make progress in achieving our life goals. This doesn’t have to be the hard-core ‘I want to be a millionaire’ goal, but it can be something like ‘I want to go on that weekend trip I’ve been thinking about for years now, but won’t do because I’m too tired from work to book it’.

Writing down these goals and making a plan to reach these is the first step to actually doing it. Before you know it you’re researching and you’re busy booking that trip.

Using a bullet-journal is a great way to organize and shape your life as well. It can be used in every way you want it. Be it self-care, goal setting, productivity, tracking your favority movies.

Check out: The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future by Ryder Carroll

4. Bathroom Routine

Don’t slack on taking care of your body because you’re tired. Take that time to wash your face, brush your teeth, and moisturize your body.

“Take care of yourself.”

Add a face mask 2-3 times a week, paint your nails, use a lip scrub, and cut your nails. Feeling good on the outside definitely has an effect on how you feel on the inside.

Check out:All Natural, Vegan Coconut Lip Scrub

Celavi Essence Facial Face Mask 12-pack

5. Hydrate

Drink water. Make sure you always have a bottle of water within your reach at all times.

It’s important to stay hydrated for the inside and the outside.

When winding down, a cup of tea is a great option as well. A nice cup of chamomile tea or sleepy tea work well for me.

Check out: Elephant Tea Mug

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